Medical Outsourcing

Medical Outsourcing

Let us help your business run more efficiently. Being a Doctor is hard enough, add having to deal with basic business requirements, paperwork, and changing of ICD codes, it’s worth a phone call to see if we can help.

We are excited to announce our new subsidiary Healthcare is the fastest-growing sector among the Fortune 500 and we have ramped up our network of great medical professionals to accommodate.

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Starting at around $900 USD a month you can get an actual Registered Nurse (RN) as your Virtual Assistant (VA)!

What can your Remote Medical Staff do for you?

Basic Virtual Assistant Tasks
Medical Billing
Insurance Benefit Checks
Virtual Medical Scribes
Reconcile Labs in your EMR
Manage Consultation Notes
Appointment Setting and confirmation
MIPS Reporting
Medical Transcription
ICD Transitions
Answering Service
Follow-ups on Drug Orders
Manage Insurance Claims
Update Medical History
and more!

Other Doctors already use us and love it!

Need a real reference? All of our existing clients love spreading the good word. We use the term, “The Division of Labor” because being a great doctor or business person does not mean you need to do it alone! Hire RNs or just a great medical VA to work in our facility.

Clark Outsourcing Job

We will manage the payroll, IT, recruitment, HR, legal, rent, and all the other infrastructure needed for smooth operations.

Your only Job

To manage the day-to-day work/production of your staff. Yes, that is it!

You can not only save money but research shows that you can also increase your capacity to handle more patients. Achieve better customer satisfaction by getting things done without having to wait 45 minutes to get a prescription.

Advancing technologies in cloud computing, mobile healthcare apps, networking and more have made it easier to work seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

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