Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing

What Makes us Different?

We have a unique approach to offering digital media marketing services. Since we are a full-service outsourcing company, we can act as the fulfillment arm of your digital media operations. What this means is that instead of hiring us on a project bases, we can build your own digital marketing team with the highest qualified professionals who will work exclusively on your projects.

Is This Right for Me?

This service is perfect for mid to large sized companies with lots of ongoing in-house projects. But its especially, ideal for other digital media firms who have a constant flow of tasks that need to be performed daily. With the help of our HR department, you interview and hand-pick only the best and highest qualified professionals to join your own dedicated team.

Social Media Monitoring

Have your highly skilled social media agents provide the highest level of oversight and management to get the most out of your social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Your team will ensure that your website’s requirements are not only search engine compliant but fully optimized for speed, navigation and structure as well as other fine tuning that help get you ranked and keep you there.

Email Marketing

Having your outsourced team with us will increase the bottom line on your current email marketing campaign by helping with marketing automation, content production, white-listed servers and deliverability.

PPC Management

In the Philippines you can hire Google Certified Adwords technicians at a fraction of the cost, to optimize your Pay-per-Click campaigns. You can save thousands of dollars while still increasing traffic by tweaking keywords, channels, landing pages and more.

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