BPO Consulting

BPO Consulting

With over 14 years of experience operating in India, Romania, South Africa, and the Philippines, we can help you set up your own offshore company!

Zack Williamson

I first started outsourcing lead generation campaigns to Bangalore, India in 2005 while I was a real estate agent in Florida. Within 6 months, the team had grown to over 50 staff so I decided to jump on a plane to go work on the call center floor. Shortly after, I discovered the neutral accents of the Philippines when I called Vonage. I was so impressed that two weeks later, I went to the Philippines to setup a second office in Manila. Since then, I have setup our own offices in New Delhi, India, Manila, Clark, Philippines and our web and software development office in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2005, I have taken in well over 100 different call center and back office accounts from large companies like AIG, Wacovia Bank, Wells Fargo and more but I have also accommodated many small and mid-sized projects for real estate, mortgage, insurance, solar, medical, engineering and other various sectors.

In 2008, I became a BPO consultant and started helping others outsource their projects. Since then, I’ve helped setup and/or consulted companies in the Philippines, India, South Africa, Romania, Vietnam, UK, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. I specialize in corporate filings and formation, labor pool analysis and HR services, international banking and tax code, property acquisition, office construction, fit-out and infrastructure as well as all the nitty gritty stuff like call center services and systems, software development, marketing and SEO, back-office operations, database management, cloud computing and much more. I’ve literally helped to setup hundreds of accounts in several offices in a handful of different countries. It turns out, I also have a knack for languages as I speak Tagalog fluently and can make small talk in Romanian, Vietnamese, Spanish and Thai.

I can assure you that our minimal consulting fee will more than pay for itself. We will help to minimize the learning curve, minimize risk and make sure you get off to a great start. I would have paid myself hundreds of thousands of dollars for consulting if only I knew then what I know now! That being said, our fee is only around $175 USD per hour and we’re always happy to start with a free consultation call or meeting.

Russell Meiselman

I started out in construction as an entrepreneur from a very early age. Digging holes to nowhere is what I call it, but it helped build a strong work ethic for a small town kid growing up in Arizona. I then started working for a large door to door sales organization as an independent contractor. I quickly discovered that I had a real knack for people interactions, relationships and leadership. From there, I got hired on by another company to run their in-house sales team out of a tiny little shack of an office in California. Within 6 months, they started to outsource this sales process to India and the Philippines which grew them to the behemoth company they are now. I essentially spent most of they next year or so training my team’s new placements overseas. Seemed stupid at the time but it actually opened the world of opportunity for me.

In 2011-12, I spent most of time traveling as a consultant setting up, managing, and streamlining processes for companies across all the big ponds. I specialized in operational streamlining with an emphasis on management productivity and procedures. In the beginning, I was hired by small companies as my fees were affordable enough. Eventually, I was able to attract the attention of the “Fortune sized” companies in the outsourcing space. More and more clients starting reaching out when my protocols resulted in a nice portfolio of growth, sustainability and profit. Referrals and word of mouth is still where the majority of my customers originate from.

As a consultant, I was able to help companies who knew they needed help. I’m happy to report that each one took my advice and did great things with it. I also learned a lot about the way small and big business owners run and unfortunately, often ruin their own businesses by forgetting that the devil is in the details. I eventually realized I was able to run a sustainable, affordable, streamlined outsourcing company to backup my consulting knowledge and to also provide real quality services to companies I have worked with in the past.

At this point in time, consultants who provide genuine, actionable consulting services for SME’s who need to scale and sustain a healthy company are far and few between. The best part is… we also run a company that can help you action the consulting to help actually increase your bottom line.


We can help you set up your own offshore telesales team. Whether doing outbound telemarketing and appointment setting or inbound sales and order taking, we have the right solutions to get you up and running and hitting your targets.

Customer Service

Clark Outsourcing wants you and your business to be successful. We combine research, consulting, and training to help you know and develop both voice and non-voice customer service techniques that will meet the expectations of your customers.

Technical Support

We can help set up your infrastructure as well as your protocol. Having in-depth knowledge about your clients’ products and services is essential. With Clark Outsourcing’s alert tech support system, your customers will get a thorough answer to their unresolved issues quickly and efficiently.

IT Management

Whether cloud-based or locally hosted, we understand how vital it is for your IT system to be properly aligned and coordinated with the needs of your business. Clark Outsourcing is committed to helping you make decisions with regard to improving your IT infrastructure.

Human Resources

The HR department is the first point of contact for your staff and therefore, mission critical. Strong leaders, strong people, and a strong team is the key to the success of your company. Clark Outsourcing will help you strike the right balance of system, hiring process, and choosing the right talents so you can get the best people.


Clark Outsourcing’s training consultancy is tailored to meet the needs of the offshore offices. Our programs are conducted by professional consultants who have extensive experience of bridging the gaps of offshore offices and remote staff. Our goal is to create a seamless protocol to increase communications and efficiency.


We partner with our clients to create coaching solutions that are made and tailored to the needs of the customers that they need, and are coordinated with the goals of the business.

Effective Reporting

Effective and proper reporting is an important tool to produce reliable information for the company so that decisions are properly made for the betterment of the company. Clark Outsourcing has ways to help you do this.

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